Metro showing off

Metro…being Metro

My wife Wendy and I have a little laugh when someone posts on Metro’s Facebook page about how sweet Metro is. They obviously don’t know Metro like we do.

So I am just going to come out and say it… Metro is an ass.

He is stubborn, dominant, cranky, and in constant need of being the center of attention.

He is the old man who keeps your baseball when you hit it in his yard.

It is a never ending struggle for supremacy with Metro. He is just difficult, and you can’t go a day with Metro without experiencing some kind of “Metro Drama”.

He has a very big ego and a very big personality.

Would I change anything about his personality if I could. Never. I have grown to love the horse that he is.

It wasn’t for a lack of trying. I have spent endless hours of groundwork with Metro using Clinton Anderson’s method. What I ended up with was a very obedient horse, with a whole lot of attitude. The attitude never went away.

“Maybe it is just the racehorse in him” I would tell myself. But Wendy’s horse, Pork Chop is a retired racehorse also, and PC is the perfect gentleman. He is a big lovable goober. He is the “Anti-Metro”.

Photo of Pork Chop
Pork Chop. He’s that kid who had is eyes closed for every school picture.

Pork Chop. He’s that kid who had is eyes closed for every school picture.

But Pork Chop was also the slowest racehorse in the world, so maybe just the fast ones come with attitude.

The first couple of barns we were at, Metro was hated. No one liked him, except us. They said he was dangerous, and with his knees the way they were, no one could understand why anyone would want this horse. We couldn’t ride him, and in the eyes of the pleasure horse world, he had no purpose.

But it was the attitude and the personality that made me fall in love with Metro. There was never a dull day when you spent it with Metro. Every day he offered up some new kind of challenge.

He was my first horse, and I didn’t know any better. I thought every horse was like him. But they are not, because I have never met another horse like Metro.

And the drama isn’t just for us humans. Metro likes to spread the wealth. If there is drama and mis-behaving in the pasture, Metro was probably the instigator.

If the horse’s all started running around in the field, and a race broke out, odds are Metro was the one who started it.

And he hates to be ignored. He thrives on attention and wants all eyes on him. If you put him on the cross ties and just ignore him, he will soon start to put on a display. It will start with the “hoof twirl”, move on to the “scratch” and then work it’s way up and make his head start bobbing up and down.

He does his own little “Zenyatta Dance” in the aisle of the barn.

Metro showing off
Photograph by Wendy Wooley. He looked a little thin in this photo.

Newcomers to the barn, when they first see this display of attitude, seem to have a look of terror in their eyes. Until someone tells them, “That’s just Metro…being Metro”.

It always makes for good footage for the news crews when they come to film him painting. I just put him on the cross ties and tell them to turn their cameras on. “The show starts in 2 seconds.”

Metro and Hotshot playing a little head tag.


It’s all fun and games until someone needs stitches.

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11 thoughts on “Metro…being Metro”

  1. I totally enjoyed the story and videos! Thank you for taking the time to show us Metro’s “true colors”! LOL

  2. Love everything about your boy! My TB is 16 and still acts like a 4 year old at times. He has the same bratty attitude and I wouldn’t change it for anything! So glad you found each other! 😊

  3. Gotta love the trouble makers! When I got my cat, I was going to name her “Lilly”. Once I brought her home & got to know her personality, bratty, mouthy, & loud, I decided to name her, “Sassy”. Sassy is my fur baby, I love her attitude & all.

  4. Well you made him the star so now so he lives with the attitude of the rich and famous ha ha ha. Gotta love him though. As long as he doesn’t bite his peeps all is good. A spoiled rotten furry is the only way to have it 😉

  5. Oh my…..I have the female version of Metro…..except she has never shown an an artistic talent. She’s not big on turnout being a total Diva. Thanks for sharing Metro with us.

  6. Every horse is different. Just like people, each horse has their own personality. I worked on Thoroughbred farms in Kentucky and owned a Quarter Horse. Some of the horses on the farms were as calm as my Quarter Horse and then there were those that were just crazy. I would think that being on the track brings out the idiosyncrasies in a horse’s personality. It sounds as though Metro is either very hyper or anal.

  7. Hahahaha, I enjoyed the heck out of this. I’ve been following Metro and delighted by his painting, this makes it even better! I have a mare version, Barbie. If she could she’d be spray painting graffiti. I love the smarty pants bratty ones. I’m so glad you gave him a paintbrush!

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