New painting – Spirit of Metro

For the last year I have been wanting to do my own painting of Metro doing what he does best…painting. But I was unsure how I wanted to go about it, whether to do it in watercolor or acrylic. So finally I broke out Metro’s acrylics and just started putting paint to paper until something that looked like Metro emerged. There was no preliminary drawing, just painting and carving away everything that wasn’t Metro. I tried to keep the strokes loose and colorful as Metro would, when he makes his own paintings. I hope he doesn’t mind that I used his paints.

I also uploaded the image to Metro’s SmugMug site. For anyone who wants a print to hang by their original painting by Metro.


“Spirit of Metro” by Ron Krajewski


11×14″ Acrylic on 140lb cold presses watercolor paper

$300 Available on Etsy


7 thoughts on “New painting – Spirit of Metro”

  1. This is wonderful. I love your paintings and I think this may be my favorite. You have truly captured Metro’s bright personality!

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