Metro Meteor on YouTube

Metro Meteor on YouTube

Metro now has his own channel on YouTube. Pictures just don’t do him justice, the fun of having a painting horse is actually watching him paint. So we have big plans this year to add lots of videos of Metro’s everyday life, and of him doing what he does best, painting.

We are also teaming up with Christine Betz of Christine Betz Dressage to film and produce a series of riding and horse care videos that will also be posted to Metro’s channel. And you might even see some Gettysburg Battlefield videos now and then.

Be sure to subscribe, “Like” and Comment on the videos. Metro LOVES to read your comments.

Click here to go to Metro’s YouTube Channel

Metro Meteor on YouTube


4 thoughts on “Metro Meteor on YouTube”

  1. Reblogged this on Saddle Seeks Horse and commented:
    This ex-racehorse cracks me up. I’ve never met him, but you can clearly tell he has such a strong personality. And his paintings are very cool too. If you’re not familiar with his story, you should really check it out. He’s part artist, part philanthropist.

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