liquitex paint markers

Metro’s New Liquitex Paint Markers

I have been wanting to give Metro a shot at using paint markers for a long time. We have tried to add some fine lines with smaller brushes, but Metro doesn’t have a lot of finesse in his brush strokes, and usually ends up breaking them pretty quickly. One of my concerns with the paint markers was the paint was enclosed in a plastic handle. I didn’t want Metro to bite through one, and end up with a bunch of paint in his mouth. Even though the paint is non-toxic, I am sure it doesn’t add a lot of flavor to his food, and I didn’t want Metro to be the only horse in the barn with a blue tongue.

Plus Metro is kind of particular with the shape of the brush handle he will hold in his mouth, and the length. But after taping up the marker handle really well with duct tape to give Metro a better grip, and to hold the paint in case he did bite through the handle, I was surprised at how quickly he took to the markers. I think he enjoys them more than the brushes.

We don’t plan on making whole paintings with the markers, but to use them to accent his brush work. The painting we are working on in the video is not complete. We are just laying down some fine lines, and then continue with brush work over the top. Hopefully leaving little spots of fine line and color.


4 thoughts on “Metro’s New Liquitex Paint Markers”

  1. I am so entertained by Metro and hope to find a way to help retired thoroughbreds like you have done with Metro’s paintings. My husband and I currently own thoroughbreds and race at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, AZ

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