Metro an Pork Chop’s birthday balloons

We like to expose our horses to everything possible. Horses think that everything is going to kill them, so the more they can overcome their fears, the less likely they are going to turn and run on the trail when they hear a noise or see something as scary as a plastic bag blowing in the wind.

It is fun finding things that we think is going to scare them, and help them overcome their fears. Tarps, plastic bags, cap guns, and box fans with streamers are all things we have exposed them to. Pork Chop and Metro get a bouquet of balloons every year for their birthdays. Pork Chop is usually unfazed by them, but Metro has a short memory. Just a year ago he was walking around with them in his mouth, but he forgot all that this year. In the video, you will see he still tries to pick them up, but gets scared when they move. Pork Chop lost interest pretty quickly, but Metro stuck around and investigated the balloons for awhile.



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