Collaborating with Metro

Ever since Metro started painting, I have always dreamed of collaborating on a painting. Sure, each painting is a collaboration, since he can’t do it without my help. But up until now Metro has provided all the brush strokes. I just choose the colors and hand him the brush.

But what if we traded off strokes? Metro would provide the abstract strokes, and I would provide the detail work. Working together to make a figurative painting with an abstract feel.

I have taken a handful of paintings home, and added my own touches to make his strokes look like something, but have never worked side by side with him on the same painting.

Of course our first subject matter would be racehorses, but we could paint anything together. Portraits, landscapes, whatever we felt like.

So our first painting was of Kentucky Derby winner, California Chrome. I sketched out the rough figures in charcoal and brought the canvas to Metro’s studio.

What I soon found out was that Metro much more preferred being a solo artist than a collaborator.

Sure, he was great when he was making the strokes, but when it came my turn, Metro was all up in my business. I found it was hard to paint when Metro was trying to grab the brush out of my hand, push me aside with his big head, or pull on my clothes to try and move me out of his way so he can assume his position in front of the canvas.

Soon he relented and decided that it wasn’t all about him anymore.

Yes, we will still work on Metro’s solo projects, but every once in a while, Metro is going to have to share a little credit with me.

Am I riding on my famous horse’s coattails? Why yes I am.

To view available paintings for sale, please visit Metro’s website.

To prints on paper or canvas visit




5 thoughts on “Collaborating with Metro”

  1. I bought the California Chrome painting because I got to meet California Chrome. Another horse who is very aware. I love Metro and the work he does. Very gifted horse. Pork Chop looks fun too. Keep up the fabulous work.

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