Metro signing book

Teaching Metro to write

Well I don’t think he is actually going to learn how to write his name, but his handwriting is better than some doctor’s I’ve seen.

Since we are working on a book about Metro with Susy Flory, I thought it might be nice to teach Metro how to sign some books when his eventually comes out. Teaching him to hold a sharpie wasn’t going to be that hard, I just put some duct tape around it, like I do his paint brushes, and he took it in his mouth right away. My concern was the size of the book. Painting on a large canvas is no problem for Metro’s large brush strokes, but can he keep the pen on the paper of a book that measures less than a foot.

Metro signing book

Amazingly, Metro adjusted his stroke fro the size of the book, and managed to stay on the page for a few swirls of the pen. This horse never ceases to surprise me on how well he adapts his technique.

So when Metro’s book finally comes, don’t be surprised if you see Metro signing a few copies himself. To see video of Metro signing a book, click here.

Find out more about Metro by visiting his website,


3 thoughts on “Teaching Metro to write”

  1. A book on Metro is awesome….can’t wait for publication! But a signed copy of the book is even better…and I agree, Metro needs to sign a few…after all his paintings are signed…well, not by him but still signed 🙂 He is amazing! 🙂

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