Abstract Painting with a horse

When I am collaborating on an abstract painting with Metro, there are 3 different approaches. I can do my painting at home, and bring it to the barn to have Metro finish it off. This doesn’t always work well because Metro doesn’t paint inside the lines and will probably paint over all of my work. We can do a painting together at the barn from start to finish. This is enjoyable, working side by side with Metro. But Metro isn’t the best about sharing the workload, and will usually be pushing me out of the way with his big head as he tries to get the paintbrush out of my hands. He likes to do it all himself. It is all about Metro when he is painting. The third way, and the way we went with this painting, is to let Metro do a whole abstract painting, then I will bring it home and add my touches over the top of his.

I knew I wanted to do a racehorse painting and wanted to stay with the same colors that Metro had already laid down, red,white and black. I thought of doing one of Seabiscuit, because his colors would work perfectly, but had already done one not to long ago. So I figured I would do one of Metro. There was no red in his jockey silks, his colors were white and orange, but since it was predominantly white, I could make the orange work.

My first step was to sketch out the overall figure in black paint stick. I should be sketching in something a little less permanent like charcoal, but I believe in commitment.

.sketch on abstract painting

Then I began painting in the white, red/orange, and black. For the black, I used fluid acrylic, drawing straight from the bottle onto the canvas. This gave the black paint a fluid appearance that I was able to move around with my fingers.

Step two of abstract painting

After it dried, I had a look at it. I was pleased, but thought the black was a little too bold, and made Metro’s neck look a little “thick”. So working with the other colors, a softened the black and gave the neck a little more streamlined appearance. I also added some black above the jockey, to make him stand out a little more.

finished abstract painting

Overall, I am pretty happy with the finished painting which we title “Two on the Eleven“. The original will eventually go to Gallery 30, but prints are available now at Fine Art America.

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Thank for reading.


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