Party Trees

Party Trees Painting

This is the first collaborative painting I have done with Metro where we actually split the painting in half. Metro did the top half and I did the bottom half.

To start of with, I toned the canvas red and applied black liquid acrylic about halfway up. Tilting the canvas, I allowed the black paint run down in streams to form the limbs and tree trunks. Doing it this way gives you a more organic random look to the trunks and limbs.

drip trees
Liquid acrylic allowed to run down the canvas to form the limbs and trunks.

After it was dry, it was time to take it to the barn and let Metro have his way with it. Metro’s half took a couple of days to complete, letting him work with bigger brushes the first day, to cover the area, and smaller brushes the second to add some interest to the trees.

Photo of Metro painting
Metro adds his touches to the bodies of the trees.

Once Metro was done, I cut around the the tree trunks with light reds and oranges to make them pop out.

See Metro’s paintings at

Party Trees
“Party Trees” available at Gallery 30.

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