Photo of Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm painting

This is totally different departure from Metro’s usual meandering style of painting. It has the look of a collaborative painting, but I made none of the brushstrokes, Metro made them all. I just didn’t let him run amuck with the paintbrush in his mouth.

I had a composition in mind, and wanted to see if I could guide Metro through my idea. I can usually control where Metro starts painting on the canvas, by where I hand him the brush. Metro comes to the brush, the brush doesn’t go to him. So if I want him to start painting in the upper right corner of canvas, all I have to do is hold the brush in that area. Metro will come and take the brush in his mouth, and start painting in the upper right corner. What he does once he starts is completely up to Metro.

But I have found that I can always take the brush out of his mouth when it looks like he is going to start “coloring outside of the lines”. So as long as he stays in the area I want him to apply paint, I will let him paint, and take the brush when he looks like he is going to venture out of it. That’s the idea anyway. It doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes when I see a small touch of red in my head, Metro sees a big red racing stripe across the canvas in his head.

I know that Metro is never going to be able to paint intricate little figures, but find I can guide him into painting large basic shapes.

Photo of Eye of the Storm
“Eye of the Storm” by Metro.
18×24″ Acrylic. Available at Gallery 30. $500

Besides working on the larger gallery pieces, Metro also has some new smaller 11×14″ paintings. To view all of Metro’s new paintings, please visit his website.


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