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Buddy Sour

Since we moved Pork Chop and Metro to a new barn back in December, they have become a little too attached to each other for our liking. There is nothing wrong with them being best buddies, they have been together for the last 5 ½ years, but their dependency was getting to the point that one of them was going to hurt themselves.

Buddy Sour Horses
Best buddies, Metro and Pork Chop

 It’s called “Buddy Sour”. When one horse is removed for a short time, and the other goes through extreme separation anxiety. Just to give you an example: when Wendy takes Pork Chop out of his stall to ride him in the arena, Metro will begin rearing, bucking and spinning circles in his stall. Pork Chop fares no better during his riding session, all the time keeping one eye on the door of the arena, and continuously calling to Metro, with his brain concentrated on when is Metro going to come join him. It is dangerous for the horses when they act this way. They have been separated before, they have been turned out in pastures with other horses, and had no problems. But since we moved to the new barn, they didn’t have any friends, they just had each other. They were two kids in a new school who only had each other to rely on. So we have been at the new barn for 4 months now, it was best to start introducing them to new horses, and give them some time apart. Metro being what he is with his bad knees, would not function as well as Pork Chop being introduced to a large group of horses. It is survival of the fittest in a herd, and Metro with his health issues, usually gets picked on in a big group. Pork Chop can hold his own, and can be introduced to the herd right away. Metro requires a little bit of planning. Kate our barn owner figured that “Vegas” would be a good companion for Metro. Vegas didn’t function well in the herd either. He was picked on and beaten up to the point that they had to separate him, and turn him out alone in his own pasture for the last six months, for his own safety. Vegas and Metro immediately hit it off immediately, running and playing, and dining from the same hay pile. It was a match made in heaven. Eventually, more horses will be introduced to this new little group, as they build up each other’s confidence.

Metro and his new buddy, Vegas.

Metro and Pork Chop still see each other on a daily basis, as their stalls are right next to one another, and will probably be reunited again to share a pasture in the future, but for now it is best that they make new friends and enjoy a little time away. Be sure to vista Metro’s website, www.PaintedbyMetro.com.